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Steph Salileng is an illustrator and UX/UI designer with a sharp, minimalist site at Her outstanding portfolio is made even better by the detailed explanations that accompany each project. Steph walks you through her process start-to-finish, sharing key insights that take you into the mind of a designer.

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WowCreatives is a digital agency specializing in custom websites that stir emotions, tell your story and make you unique online.

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Automattic is the company behind, Tumblr, Gravatar, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Longreads, Simplenote, and many more internet publishing and commerce solutions.

At, the team shares the behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s like to build products at a remote-first technology company. Blog posts detail strategies for remote collaboration as much as deep-dives into technology and design issues. also highlights relevant job openings at Automattic and links to the company’s recruiting portal.

Throughout the site, they highlight their commitment to open-source values, diversity, and making the world a better place through the power of design.

Check out for inspiring stories about collaboration, teamwork, and communication.

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Spotify recently did a major makeover of In their deep-dive story on the revamp, the Spotify team explains the whole process and what they learned along the way.

The new site’s main focus is the Stories page, which includes hubs for: the team’s core design work, inspirational Q&As with team members, hot takes on design-industry debates, stories about the team’s working processes, and—of course—a hub for playlists and podcasts curated by the team!

The Team page focuses on individual team members and the work culture at Spotify, which has gone fully remote due to COVID-19. This page also serves as a portal to the Spotify design team’s job openings.

For more insight into the team’s design resources, check out the Tools page. If you want to get into all the delightfully nerdy details of Spotify’s design process, this is the place for you! does an amazing job at showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at the design department of a global tech powerhouse, and gives the design team at Spotify an opportunity to speak directly to their community of fellow designers. We say, bravo!

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Jack Moore is a graphic designer based in California, and his beautiful portfolio site at shows off his innovative approach and multimedia skill.

The design of the site itself is incredibly engaging, as a deceptively minimalist interface is enhanced by colorful pop-up images whenever the cursor hovers over a link.

Jack’s portfolio case studies display his handling of elements across diverse media and his ability to tell a brand’s story cohesively.

Written By Guest User is the website for New York City’s School of Visual Arts’ Design Department and Advertising Department.

Their multidisciplinary program features four separate majors: Graphic DesignAdvertisingMotion Graphics, and Interactive Design.

Of the four disciplines that students can major in, each of these areas can be further sub-divided, giving students more possibilities to find their voice. For example, Design includes package design, editorial design, information graphics, branding, publication design, book jacket design, environmental design, and interactive design.

In addition to a faculty directory and links to apply for admission, the site primarily features a portfolio of work from design students across every discipline.

Written By Guest User is the portfolio of Maxwell Fong, a graphic designer and visual interaction designer. He also does hand lettering, digital lettering, and photography.

Maxwell’s work is driven by asking “Why?” The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Maxwell’s approach is evident in the work examples he showcases, where colors and shapes interact across multiple mediums.

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The creative studio This has a gloriously interactive portfolio website on the perfect domain name:

The studio’s clients have included sports and outdoor companies like Specialized, Burton, Teva, and Zero Motorcycles, green tech companies, and boutique hotels, bars, and restaurants.

The beautifully immersive case studies provide deep dives into their projects. For example, This conducted consumer research to create new customer personas to help Nike Soccer develop inspirational content that resonates with Gen Z.

Visit to soak up all the inspiration from this leading creative studio.

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Sarah Saccomanno is a UX/UI product designer and a passionate digital creative. Her beautiful portfolio site at was awarded with an honorable mention in the 2021 RGD Student Awards! features a striking and easy-to-navigate interface that highlights Sarah’s design talent, her interpersonal skills, and her ability to organize information and tell stories.

Her portfolio highlights her work in product design, UX and UI, branding, graphic design, and augmented reality. Several case studies include design work for healthcare initiatives, including her local community’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort!

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In addition to having a portfolio at, graphic designer Valery Marier has created to make design-related content from the Internet Archives more visible and accessible.

The site has an intuitive bookshelf design that gives you the feeling of being in a vintage bookstore browsing the dog-eared selections among the Design section. There are headers to view specific categories of publications such as books, annuals, ephemera, posters, and more. is a great place to look for retro-futuristic inspiration, historical context about design, or just general browsing. Among our favorite finds: interactive, in-browser demos of MacPaint (1984) and Windows 95.

This site was recognized with an honorable mention in the 2021 RGD Student Awards!