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If you can’t find the font you need, make your own! Text.design offers two creative custom typography solutions from Belight Software: Letters and Art Text. Far beyond fonts, these apps allow you to produce detailed, sophisticated letter art.

Anyone can use Letters to browse hundreds of ready-made templates, enter their own text and get immediate results. Letters offers a multitude of text design templates easily customizable to your liking. Each text style is the result of long hours of professional design work on creating texture materials and photo objects, and carefully selecting proprietary fonts.

Professional designers can plunge deep into the design process and create staggering effects with the Art Text app and its full set of properties, ranging from colors to 3D materials. Art Text is graphic design software for Mac that brings text effects, typography, and logo design to the next level. With its intuitive design toolkit, graphic presets, and typography templates you will create flashy headings for all your desktop publishing projects, logos, websites, instantly produce 3D text and 3D titles, and even make eye-catching captions for social media posts.

Text.design also includes galleries, tutorials, free graphics, and design resources to help anyone get up to speed in the world of typography.


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APIWho.Design is a living and growing directory that features API (Asian & Pacific Islander) creatives in the design industry. This site draws inspiration from Latinxs Who Design and BlacksWho.design.

Their mission is to highlight the breadth of talent within the API population, inspire new designers, connect with fellow APIs, share experiences, and help with the discovery of fresh talent for expanding teams.

APIWho.Design features excellent design itself, with an uncluttered layout, links to designers’ social profiles, and a very convenient filter that allows people to easily find designers with specific skills.

.design domains celebrates diversity and inclusion in the design industry and everywhere, and we are proud to help amplify the work of API designers!


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Readings.design is a collection curated by Jarrett Fuller of recommended texts, both historical and contemporary, about and around graphic design. The site serves as a free library of introductory essays, books, and texts on graphic design theory, criticism, and practice as well as related fields like cultural criticism, photography, and architecture.

Jarrett Fuller is joining the faculty at North Carolina State University as an assistant professor of graphic design in August 2021. He also is the director of twenty-six.design, a multidisciplinary design and editorial studio; hosts scratchingthesurface.fm; and is a contributing editor at AIGA Eye on Design. Visit readings.design to refresh your inspiration and learn something new.


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Diversity in design matters, and we are proud to amplify BlacksWho.design.

This directory highlights Black designers in the industry. The goal is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their feeds, and discover amazing individuals to join design teams.

The site has been featured on Afro.tech, Fortune, and NBC News.


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Dropbox.design is a beautiful site full of interesting and useful information from one of the world’s leading cloud storage companies.

Meet the Dropbox design team through their Human Interest interview series and learn about their work culture.

Get Toolkits for practical design processes as well as teambuilding exercises and personal development.

Dropbox is more than just a useful tool for designers and creatives — they’re a leader in the design industry as well. #DesignTeam #DesignDepartment #DropboxDesign #Dropbox


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Diversity and inclusion are extremely important in all industries, and design is no exception.

QTBIPOC.design is a career coaching, networking, and continuing-education hub to empower LGBTQ + BIPOC designers.

Their UX and UI bootcamp classes are launching soon, and are free to LGBTQ designers of color.

Plus, they have a slammin’ Spotify playlist!


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March 8 is International Women’s Day, and today we’re featuring the site WomenWho.design. Women Who Design is a Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry.

Use the directory to diversify your Twitter feed, recruit new employees, find conference speakers, and connect with super-talented people!

The site has inspired many similar directories for championing diversity in the design industry, including blackswho.design, apiwho.design, and brazillianswho.design.


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Blush.design gives everyone the opportunity to create custom illustrations! Just choose the style, play with the artistic variables to make it your own, and then download your files. It’s easy, and it’s free!

Their Artist pages feature social links and biographical info about each illustrator to learn more about them. There are collections depicting topics like environmentalism, finance, hobbies, fitness, shopping, LGBTQ+ Pride, family, cityscapes, abstract designs, education, and more.

Blush.design has something for everyone. Use the power of illustration to give your projects a special, unique flair!


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Rooki.design is a free online magazine packed with free resources for design students. The site features freebies like fonts, interviews with established designers, practical how-tos, and much more. For example, take this ingenious Creative Brief Generator: if you’re a new designer but you don’t have real-world client experience yet, you can generate practice briefs to hone your skills and improve your portfolio.


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Matto.design bridges the gap between design needs and the technical solutions they require with a view to sustainable and sensory development.