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Indeed is a leading website for job listings and recruiting. Their site at is an enlightening, comprehensive, and approachable overview of the entire brand’s design ethos.

Every design element, from Indeed’s logo, to the brand’s colors, shapes, typography, and voice, is explained and explored on its own page. Beyond technical explanations of how the design team created these bespoke design elements, each page also explains the psychology behind every decision.

For example, the custom typeface Indeed Sans was designed to embody the brand’s voice, with generous proportions and a mix of sharp and soft elements. The site even highlights the notable characters that most clearly express the typeface’s personality: the curves of the lowercase a’s and e’s express optimism, and the strokes of the b’s, d’s, and g’s lend a human, calligraphic feel.

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APIWho.Design is a living and growing directory that features API (Asian & Pacific Islander) creatives in the design industry. This site draws inspiration from Latinxs Who Design and

Their mission is to highlight the breadth of talent within the API population, inspire new designers, connect with fellow APIs, share experiences, and help with the discovery of fresh talent for expanding teams.

APIWho.Design features excellent design itself, with an uncluttered layout, links to designers’ social profiles, and a very convenient filter that allows people to easily find designers with specific skills.

.design domains celebrates diversity and inclusion in the design industry and everywhere, and we are proud to help amplify the work of API designers!

Written By Guest User is unabashedly fun, with bright tropical colors and clever iterations of the brand’s iconic logo. Taco Bell is famous for its social presence and its marketing campaigns, and the design department uses to showcase its dedicated @tacobelldesign Instagram account in a major way. (TBD for short) is professional, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. In addition to the colorful portraits of the design team members, the integrated Instagram feed shows off their effortlessly stylish aesthetics.

Digging deep into the three main pages of the site (“Work”, “Play”, “About”), the Work page includes in-depth case-studies of the team’s design initiatives. It’s the type of thorough branding and studied, creative dedication that many aspiring designers dream of. All along the way, Taco Bell manages to make it all look fun and delicious!

Written By Guest User offers behind-the-scenes stories from the design teams at National Public Radio.

As one of the premiere journalistic sources in the United States, NPR’s design team unites technology and storytelling in ways that are compelling to listeners and readers.

From branding and graphic design to app UX and integration with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, the NPR design team is keeping public radio a vibrant, innovative resource for news and information.

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Diversity in design matters, and we are proud to amplify

This directory highlights Black designers in the industry. The goal is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their feeds, and discover amazing individuals to join design teams.

The site has been featured on, Fortune, and NBC News.

Written By Guest User is a beautiful site full of interesting and useful information from one of the world’s leading cloud storage companies.

Meet the Dropbox design team through their Human Interest interview series and learn about their work culture.

Get Toolkits for practical design processes as well as teambuilding exercises and personal development.

Dropbox is more than just a useful tool for designers and creatives — they’re a leader in the design industry as well. #DesignTeam #DesignDepartment #DropboxDesign #Dropbox

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Diversity and inclusion are extremely important in all industries, and design is no exception. is a career coaching, networking, and continuing-education hub to empower LGBTQ + BIPOC designers.

Their UX and UI bootcamp classes are launching soon, and are free to LGBTQ designers of color.

Plus, they have a slammin’ Spotify playlist!

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Automattic is the company behind, Tumblr, Gravatar, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Longreads, Simplenote, and many more internet publishing and commerce solutions.

At, the team shares the behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s like to build products at a remote-first technology company. Blog posts detail strategies for remote collaboration as much as deep-dives into technology and design issues. also highlights relevant job openings at Automattic and links to the company’s recruiting portal.

Throughout the site, they highlight their commitment to open-source values, diversity, and making the world a better place through the power of design.

Check out for inspiring stories about collaboration, teamwork, and communication.

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March 8 is International Women’s Day, and today we’re featuring the site Women Who Design is a Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry.

Use the directory to diversify your Twitter feed, recruit new employees, find conference speakers, and connect with super-talented people!

The site has inspired many similar directories for championing diversity in the design industry, including,, and

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Spotify recently did a major makeover of In their deep-dive story on the revamp, the Spotify team explains the whole process and what they learned along the way.

The new site’s main focus is the Stories page, which includes hubs for: the team’s core design work, inspirational Q&As with team members, hot takes on design-industry debates, stories about the team’s working processes, and—of course—a hub for playlists and podcasts curated by the team!

The Team page focuses on individual team members and the work culture at Spotify, which has gone fully remote due to COVID-19. This page also serves as a portal to the Spotify design team’s job openings.

For more insight into the team’s design resources, check out the Tools page. If you want to get into all the delightfully nerdy details of Spotify’s design process, this is the place for you! does an amazing job at showcasing a behind-the-scenes look at the design department of a global tech powerhouse, and gives the design team at Spotify an opportunity to speak directly to their community of fellow designers. We say, bravo!