January 24, 2022
Written By Liz Achanta

There’s no going back now: we are officially in the New Year. While 2021 was a big year for 3D and abstract, 2022’s trends are already showing us that this will be a year to remember: with both blasts from the past, along with breakthroughs in authenticity. While none of us can truly predict the future when it comes to what will actually gain momentum, if there’s one thing we DO know about 2022, it’s this: there are no rules. Check out what we’ve determined to be the top trends in font, stock images, and graphics below!

Trends in Font

  • Variable Type

Varying weights, heights, and strokes in typography isn’t a new concept in design, but it is making a comeback. By using “gravity” to grab the reader’s attention, VAR also adds emphasis and contrast to the overall design. For more information on VAR, check out Adobe’s Type Trends webinar here.

Case Study: Public Theater

Case Study: HomeGrown Brewing

2. Handwriting Typography

Like VAR, handwriting fonts are not new, but they have increased in popularity over the last few years, and we predict they will only increase in popularity this year. Considering that consumers love the feeling of authenticity with a brand, it comes as no surprise that this trend would make its way into design. As well, many large companies have started to embrace handwritten fonts to promote authenticity with their product marketing.

Case Study: Black Twig Bakery

Case Study: Orange and Blue Co.

Case Study: Lush Cosmetics

3. Vintage Fonts

2022 is going to be a year of comebacks, and we are already seeing a comeback of era-driven fonts. The elegant fonts of the 1930s, as well as the ‘groovy’ fonts of the 1970s are some of the more popular retro fonts we’re seeing, which gives a more expressive, humanistic feel to type.

Case Study: Oliver T’s

Trends in Stock Images

1. Earth-Centered

Climate change awareness and the focus on renewable resources continues to gain momentum across the US. Younger generations are that of action and activism, making these stock images especially relevant to the larger population. While it took a while for sustainability to finally become en Vogue for design, many brands are shifting their alignment with these consumer values.

2. Pandemic-Driven Norms

Wearing masks and social distancing are the new norms; these images are relatable, and are a reflection of viewer’s daily lives. We can expect to see these elements become increasingly popular in 2022 stock photos to encourage continued use.

Case Study: Walmart

3. Movement

For the last two years, many of us have been trapped indoors with quarantines and work-from-home options. Alternative to the pandemic-driven norms theme we also predict, it’s comes as no shock that consumers are interested in seeing images that connect them back to their old way of life: doing the things they love.

Trends in Graphic Design

1. Psychedelics & Nostalgia

It has become widely known that Millennials love nostalgia, as the feeling brings knowingness and stability to the individual, according to Psychology Professor Krystine Batcho. Considering we have been in a time of consistent instability, bringing back designs that we know and love reminds consumers to slow down, and reflect.  

Case Study: MailChimp

Case Study: Aiyari Graphic

2. Brutalism

Making its debut in 1950s architecture, Brutalism was known for its simplistic, functional elements with a utilitarian feel. Having made its way to graphic design, this ‘minimalistic’ approach helps viewers focus on the critical elements being communicated, rather than the aesthetic of the design itself. Read more about Brutalism here.

3. Inclusivity

This just in: people come in all shapes, genders, and colors, meaning business graphics are finally introducing more minor representations in their marketing. No doubt inspired by social justice movements spurring globally, our favorite design trend for 2022 is highlighting the individuality within each of us.

Case Study: Google Fi

Case Study: LinkedIn