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If you can’t find the font you need, make your own! Text.design offers two creative custom typography solutions from Belight Software: Letters and Art Text. Far beyond fonts, these apps allow you to produce detailed, sophisticated letter art.

Anyone can use Letters to browse hundreds of ready-made templates, enter their own text and get immediate results. Letters offers a multitude of text design templates easily customizable to your liking. Each text style is the result of long hours of professional design work on creating texture materials and photo objects, and carefully selecting proprietary fonts.

Professional designers can plunge deep into the design process and create staggering effects with the Art Text app and its full set of properties, ranging from colors to 3D materials. Art Text is graphic design software for Mac that brings text effects, typography, and logo design to the next level. With its intuitive design toolkit, graphic presets, and typography templates you will create flashy headings for all your desktop publishing projects, logos, websites, instantly produce 3D text and 3D titles, and even make eye-catching captions for social media posts.

Text.design also includes galleries, tutorials, free graphics, and design resources to help anyone get up to speed in the world of typography.


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MXWL.design is the portfolio of Maxwell Fong, a graphic designer and visual interaction designer. He also does hand lettering, digital lettering, and photography.

Maxwell’s work is driven by asking “Why?” The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Maxwell’s approach is evident in the work examples he showcases, where colors and shapes interact across multiple mediums.


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In addition to having a portfolio at Marier.design, graphic designer Valery Marier has created Archives.design to make design-related content from the Internet Archives more visible and accessible.

The site has an intuitive bookshelf design that gives you the feeling of being in a vintage bookstore browsing the dog-eared selections among the Design section. There are headers to view specific categories of publications such as books, annuals, ephemera, posters, and more.

Archive.design is a great place to look for retro-futuristic inspiration, historical context about design, or just general browsing. Among our favorite finds: interactive, in-browser demos of MacPaint (1984) and Windows 95.

This site was recognized with an honorable mention in the 2021 RGD Student Awards!