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Design isn’t just visual: it also includes sound, music, and audio effects!

Anton Booster is a sound designer with a beautifully-executed portfolio at

Based in Russia, Anton offers comprehensive sound design services for video games, film and tv, sound effects libraries, and original music. He even conducts one-on-one private lessons in sound design to help others learn the craft. shows off Anton’s extensive portfolio of prior work for clients including Electronic Arts, Avon, Splat, and Swiss Pharm.

We also really enjoy Anton’s YouTube channel!

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Steph Salileng is an illustrator and UX/UI designer with a sharp, minimalist site at Her outstanding portfolio is made even better by the detailed explanations that accompany each project. Steph walks you through her process start-to-finish, sharing key insights that take you into the mind of a designer.


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Lara Lee’s design work includes brand identity, logos, illustration, motion, print, and web design., which now showcases her refreshed personal branding, features in-depth case studies that show off not just her finished work, but the creative process that led up to it.

“My new look is less corporate and more personal so you see more of the real me,” says Lara. “I love the minimalist look and soft colors—these things really highlight my work instead.”

Lara’s blog offers helpful tools and tricks on topics like motion graphics, design trends, her creative process, and creative ways to display your design work online!

With it’s clean design and it’s sharp focus, Lara’s website is a master class in creating an online portfolio.

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Ann Wood is a graphic designer and entrepreneurial artist hailing from New York City. Her simple yet elegant website,, showcases branding work for clients such as Cody Clark Magic, Kentucky Performing Arts, Derby, and Steelgarden.

In her words, “I love creating branding and identity systems across multiple touchpoints. I believe we can use thoughtful design to tell brand stories in order to make connections and meaningful experiences for people.”

Written By Liz Achanta bridges the gap between design needs and the technical solutions they require with a view to sustainable and sensory development.

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Chris Nguyen is a graphic designer and illustrator from Oklahoma City. As a recent @ucobronchos grad, Chris features his own personal branding and inspiring illustration projects for a variety of products including chocolate, beer and shoe insoles.

In Chris’ words, “I am passionate about making others smile with everything I create!”

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Anton Skrypnyk is a graphic designer with more than 18 years experience and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. He can do everything from corporate branding to print advertising, packaging, exhibitions, and presentations. In his words, “Hire me to make it better!”

Written By Guest User is the portfolio site of graphic designer Justin Hawkins. His portfolio shows off his strengths in brand identity, web design, product packaging, retail design, and more.

Much of Justin’s work includes tangible, consumable products like beer, cannabis, or clothing. The examples in Justin’s portfolio of projects reflect his talent in bringing these products to market in a compelling way.

In addition to his design work, Justin launched a podcast called Work Undone in which he interviews independent maker-entrepreneurs of all kinds to learn how they make a living. He’s interviewed designers and makers who create jewelry, bags, textiles, and drinkware, to name a few.

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Jack Moore is a graphic designer based in California, and his beautiful portfolio site at shows off his innovative approach and multimedia skill.

The design of the site itself is incredibly engaging, as a deceptively minimalist interface is enhanced by colorful pop-up images whenever the cursor hovers over a link.

Jack’s portfolio case studies display his handling of elements across diverse media and his ability to tell a brand’s story cohesively.

Written By Guest User is the portfolio of Maxwell Fong, a graphic designer and visual interaction designer. He also does hand lettering, digital lettering, and photography.

Maxwell’s work is driven by asking “Why?” The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Maxwell’s approach is evident in the work examples he showcases, where colors and shapes interact across multiple mediums.