Written By Liz Achanta

Ann Wood is a graphic designer and entrepreneurial artist hailing from New York City. Her simple yet elegant website,, showcases branding work for clients such as Cody Clark Magic, Kentucky Performing Arts, Derby, and Steelgarden.

In her words, “I love creating branding and identity systems across multiple touchpoints. I believe we can use thoughtful design to tell brand stories in order to make connections and meaningful experiences for people.”

Written By Liz Achanta bridges the gap between design needs and the technical solutions they require with a view to sustainable and sensory development.

Written By Liz Achanta

Anton Skrypnyk is a graphic designer with more than 18 years experience and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. He can do everything from corporate branding to print advertising, packaging, exhibitions, and presentations. In his words, “Hire me to make it better!”

Written By Guest User is the portfolio of Maxwell Fong, a graphic designer and visual interaction designer. He also does hand lettering, digital lettering, and photography.

Maxwell’s work is driven by asking “Why?” The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Maxwell’s approach is evident in the work examples he showcases, where colors and shapes interact across multiple mediums.