Written By Liz Achanta bridges the gap between design needs and the technical solutions they require with a view to sustainable and sensory development.

Written By Liz Achanta

Chris Nguyen is a graphic designer and illustrator from Oklahoma City. As a recent @ucobronchos grad, Chris features his own personal branding and inspiring illustration projects for a variety of products including chocolate, beer and shoe insoles.

In Chris’ words, “I am passionate about making others smile with everything I create!”

Written By Liz Achanta

Anton Skrypnyk is a graphic designer with more than 18 years experience and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. He can do everything from corporate branding to print advertising, packaging, exhibitions, and presentations. In his words, “Hire me to make it better!”

Written By Guest User is the portfolio site of graphic designer Justin Hawkins. His portfolio shows off his strengths in brand identity, web design, product packaging, retail design, and more.

Much of Justin’s work includes tangible, consumable products like beer, cannabis, or clothing. The examples in Justin’s portfolio of projects reflect his talent in bringing these products to market in a compelling way.

In addition to his design work, Justin launched a podcast called Work Undone in which he interviews independent maker-entrepreneurs of all kinds to learn how they make a living. He’s interviewed designers and makers who create jewelry, bags, textiles, and drinkware, to name a few.

Written By Guest User

Jack Moore is a graphic designer based in California, and his beautiful portfolio site at shows off his innovative approach and multimedia skill.

The design of the site itself is incredibly engaging, as a deceptively minimalist interface is enhanced by colorful pop-up images whenever the cursor hovers over a link.

Jack’s portfolio case studies display his handling of elements across diverse media and his ability to tell a brand’s story cohesively.

Written By Guest User is the portfolio of Maxwell Fong, a graphic designer and visual interaction designer. He also does hand lettering, digital lettering, and photography.

Maxwell’s work is driven by asking “Why?” The thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Maxwell’s approach is evident in the work examples he showcases, where colors and shapes interact across multiple mediums.

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Sarah Saccomanno is a UX/UI product designer and a passionate digital creative. Her beautiful portfolio site at was awarded with an honorable mention in the 2021 RGD Student Awards! features a striking and easy-to-navigate interface that highlights Sarah’s design talent, her interpersonal skills, and her ability to organize information and tell stories.

Her portfolio highlights her work in product design, UX and UI, branding, graphic design, and augmented reality. Several case studies include design work for healthcare initiatives, including her local community’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort!

Written By Guest User

Serina Liu, a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, uses as an online portfolio to share her many fascinating projects.

The minimal aesthetic of allows her work to stand on its own. Her work as a visual designer explores branding, art direction, motion grahics, and UI.

Serina’s appealing sketches and clever use of icons and emoji are delightfully engaging. Her joyous sense of humor, which you’ll notice imbued throughout the site, helps her address complex social issues in an approachable, empathetic, and accessible way.

Check out to see this talented young designer in action!