October 3, 2022
Written By  Guest User

Are you an artsy entrepreneur? Or the visionary behind a creative business? Start a website backed by .design to make sure your business reaches the right customer.

From protecting your brand to improving your website’s search engine rankings, there are many strategic reasons to go with .design. But ultimately, it’s about making sure your business website is attracting more customers and the right customer.

Here’s how .design can benefit your creative endeavors and how to make your artistic dream a lucrative reality online:


What is .design? The .design domain operates just like any other top-level domain, and is accessible to anyone, most notably any creative professional aiming to bring their talents to the online realm. Having just launched to the general public in 2015, the newer web extension adds a touch of uniqueness to any URL. But ultimately .design is a solution to the most common problems when launching a business website. Here’s how:

While business owners, especially first-time entrepreneurs, might find comfort in the older, traditional web domains, the truth is, the World Wide Web is getting increasingly crowded. As a result it’s becoming more difficult to obtain a traditional web address that matches your business’ name.

For fledgling creatives, it might be harder than ever to brand oneself and stick out. Establishing an online presence, also, has become quite a balancing act, in that you want your company name and web address to be memorable and distinct, yet be short and easy to find on the Internet.


But here’s a pro tip: To further boost your online presence, you can even acquire traditional web extensions or other new TLDs—like .design—and link it directly to the e-commerce portion of your website. The result is more traffic driven to your site.

A good reason to register a new type of domain name, like .design, is that it appropriately describes what kind of industry or vertical your business is in, without having to elongate your web address.

Let’s say you’re a web designer and have a website called SethWebDesign.com. Investing in a creative TLD, like SethWeb.Design, will not only open you up to customers seeking your artsy expertise, but will also shorten your web address, making it easier for customers to find you online.


The .design domain can be used as a natural tool for branding. The web extension lets your customers immediately know what industry you’re in. Web designers, advertising agencies, photography studios, fashion brands, or any creative worker, can adopt the .design web address to make the ultimate statement in their url, before the customer ever even lands on the homepage.

The TLD also exudes creativity as well as a commitment to smart presentation and innovative style. For example, JenniferFieldsInteriorDesign.com can become JenniferFieldsInterior.Design. On signage, a business card, or brochure, the latter looks sleeker and more on brand.

Investing in this creative domain can make your business stand out in search engine results and highlight what differentiates you from the competition.

While there are strategic marketing and SEO reasons to choose .design, at the end of the day, the .design TLD exists to help you keep your customer’s online experience in mind, and help them find your creative talents quicker than ever.