Design projects can be time consuming and complicated, and oftentimes require professionals to seek out help from skilled designers. This is where Prabal – or – comes in. Founded in 2017, Prabal is an Indian-based company which offers a wide array of design services, from product strategy to UX/UI design, in order to help make the web design process easier and more efficient for companies. 

“We are a strategic design and innovation agency,” comments Srinivas, Prabal CEO & Chief Designer. “We help startups, as well as enterprises, stay emotionally closer to the users through immersive and sensible design experiences.” 

Prabal’s process begins with discovery. By hosting stakeholder workshops, conducting user research and gathering competitor data, Prabal is able to understand their client’s market and get their user’s “pulse.” Next, Prabal defines the project: by building a design strategy, making a model of the task and information flow, and defining the communication structure, this step in the process enables the Prabal team to streamline their design process to ensure they understand exactly what their client wants, in coordination with creating a unique experience for the end-user. Finally, the Prabal team designs: wireframes, visual design, and click-through mockups pulls the whole project together before the website goes live.  

“The beauty of our process is we follow the element of its adaptability to the context,” the Prabal team says. “We understand your process and seamlessly fit ourselves into it without defeating the primary purpose of our design process.” 

Having designed for top companies like Infosys, Tata-Cornell, and Tetrasoft, it’s no wonder that Prabal has found great success since their inception. Prabal’s proudest moment, Srinivas tells us, is when they created strategy and design for a food company:  

“When a bigwig from the finance domain was impressed with our strategy and design created for a ‘food’ company – this was our proudest moment. He in fact referred us to multiple people afterwards, going out of his way.” 

An empire isn’t made overnight, so Prabal shared their fair share of obstacles along the way – including difficulties during the Covid pandemic.  

“We have had our share of struggles with delayed payments, scope creeps and so on, but the one that shook us completely was when COVID hit us all. A couple of projects that are totally intertwined with the aspect of people meeting in person were completely stalled. We had to adjust our financial projections, resource allocation and of course budgets. Besides that, we had to build our home-grown operations methodology to beat the issues that crept up with working from home. Nevertheless, we weathered the storm and are in a happy space now with a 100% work-from-home style of functioning and newer people joining our journey.” 

For other designers looking to start their own companies, Srinivas says to “Go for it!” 

“Be judicious and cautious with your investment of time in building relationships. Meticulously plan and strategize your progress. The entrepreneurial journey is all about surprises, be prepared with a smile, and focus on your goal while being practical.” 

The website is clean, easy to use, and truly is catered to the user experience. But what we love most about Prabal’s website is that it’s on a .design domain.  

“When I read somewhere about the domain, I felt it perfectly matched what we do and think. “How thoughtful of someone to think about such a domain,” was the first thing that came to my mind. It was kind of a pleasant surprise. Thus, it was an easy and logically sensible decision to go with .design.” 

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